Reasons Your Restaurant Should Use A Bread Supplier

Are you opening your own restaurant? Are you trying to decide what foods to make on premises, and what should be outsourced? Here are some reasons that you should hire a bread supplier (such as Klosterman Baking Company) instead of making your own bread:  

Minimize loss while experimenting with niche items: Sometimes, expanding your line by offering unique items can improve your profits and increase consumer interest. However, making batches of bread through trial and error could result in large amounts of wasted product if your recipe doesn't gain consumer approval. You may want to offer sriracha and cheese focaccia bread, but buying all the ingredients to test your recipe isn't cost efficient. A wholesale bread supplier can work with you to develop your concept and create small quantities, allowing you to see if it appeals to your client base. 

Save money on equipment: Baking your own bread can require a sizable amount of equipment that can eat into your budget and take up your kitchen floor space. Ordering from wholesale bread suppliers can free you from having to buy a commercial mixer, baking cooling racks,and scales for measuring ingredients. Saving money on outlay can lower your debt to income ratio and improve your profit margins. Your staff will also be freer in your kitchen because you won't have large baking appliances interrupting the walking area. 

Easily offer specialty items: If you wanted to make gluten-free grissini-style breadsticks, you would have to either invest in a separate oven, or do a complete and thorough cleaning of your oven and surrounding area before every baking so as to avoid cross-contamination from ingredients containing gluten. In contrast, a bread supplier can deliver freshly baked gluten-free breadsticks to you as needed, packaging them in a wrapper that stays closed until it's ordered. 

Convenience of service: Baking bread can be a lengthy process. Whether it's you or a member of your staff, measuring the ingredients then waiting for the bread to rise and finally watching it cook in the oven can eat up time. It can cost even more time if the entire batch collapses because of something like too much humidity in the air, requiring that the entire process be started all over. A wholesale bread supplier can make sure that your restaurant has a quality product that is readily available as your customers wish. Whether you choose to have fresh-baked bread, or frozen par-baked items delivered, you don't have to worry about how much time it will require for you to have a consistent, quality bread product to serve to your customers.