Why Order Kaiser Rolls for Your Business Luncheon

Many bakeries make kaiser rolls, which are a type of bread that is often created into a kaiser bun as well and holds its own in many different uses. When you have a business luncheon coming up, having a tasty and hardy bread as part of the meal plan is key and the kaiser roll will fill this role nicely. Read on to learn why you should consider kaiser rolls for your business luncheon. Have your event planner call around to various bakeries in town to get a quote for a large batch order so you can budget for this part of your luncheon effectively.

Kaiser rolls are attractive

Kaiser rolls are known for the pattern on the top of these buns. The pattern is shaped similar to a star and is created by the many folds the kaiser roll undergoes during its formation or from a kaiser stamp. The result is a beautiful, round roll that has an appealing star-like shape, making the roll a standalone food item for your luncheon to be used as a bread and butter roll, sandwich bread, or even a roll for a luncheon soup.

Kaiser rolls are versatile

There are many ways the kaiser roll can be baked, and the sprinkling of poppy seeds on the top of this pretty roll is one of the more common ways to present and eat this bread. However, you can have a kaiser roll created in a variety of different ways to accompany your business luncheon meal plan so the roll itself is not just attractive, but delicious as well. If poppy seeds are not what you'd like on your kaiser rolls, let your local bakery know you want to have sesame seeds or a garlic butter placed on these rolls instead to help them stand out.

Kaiser rolls are artisan in style

The best way to achieve the beautiful design of a kaiser roll is to shape the bread by hand. Choose bakeries that make artisan bread, usually in small batches, so you get beautiful rolls that have been folded and pinched by hand. These rolls will taste fresh and delicious for your business luncheon. Your bulk order should be made with enough notice that your bakery can start in advance so the bread you get is fresh and ready for consumption right away. To learn more about kaiser rolls or buns or other bread options, contact a local bakery.